(570) 343-5834 | 801 Boulevard Avenue - Dickson City, PA 18419
(570) 343-5834 | 801 Boulevard Avenue - Dickson City, PA 18419

"Having someone who really knows how to get you to the right
doctors has given me such peace of mind." - Carol M.


My name is Laura Smith, and I’m dedicated to ensuring that you get the information and help you need to manage your healthcare. With me as your patient advocate, you’ll benefit from my diverse nursing experience and first-hand knowledge of the complex medical system. 

Patient advocacy is the role I embraced as a Registered Nurse and a Healthcare Administrator. As the nurse leader, I worked with hospitals, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, home health, hospice care. As a Nursing Home Administrator, I coordinated care and communicated patient’s needs to their healthcare team including physicians, therapists, social workers, nurses, insurance representatives while ensuring quality of care. I served as a mediator in family meetings, worked with insurance case management and helped to resolve billing disputes and would like the opportunity to do the same for you or your loved one.

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 A Career of Advocating for Patients

Having  spent a large part of my career navigating the medical system, I found patient advocacy to be the most rewarding part of my job.

After one particularly busy week helping family members navigate through a transition of care, a medical crisis, and a nursing home complaint, my daughter asked, “What do people do who don’t know what you know?”

Sadly, those without a solid understanding of the maze that makes up the medical system and those without a patient advocate to work on their behalf, often go under-served and experience a high level of stress and confusion. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve taken my years of experience in the healthcare industry and created Northeast Patient Advocacy. Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, I serve clients needing care in all neighboring communities. With me as your patient advocate, you’ll benefit from the very passion that drives me. . . helping people get the best care they can when they need it.

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“Trying to care for an elderly parent can be so overwhelming with all the doctors, let alone trying to understand all of the insurance caveats. Having someone that’s in the know and was able to really be an advocate for my mom was such a blessing.” -Nicole S.

Patient Advocacy Services

Many patients don’t fully understand what is said to them or what is expected from them. This can lead to confusion, anxiety, and even missed care. As your patient advocate, I’m here to help you navigate through each process and gain peace of mind in the progress.

  • Provide information and education allowing the clients to more fully understand what they are being told by their health provider enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their care 
  • Gather information about specialists they might need
  • Guide clients as they navigate the complex healthcare system, providing coordination of care between physicians, specialists, therapists, and care givers
  • Accompany clients to medical appointments to make sure their questions are answered, and that they understand what the doctors orders
  • Accompany clients to diagnostic tests/procedures to alleviate anxiety
  • Help clients prepare for medical appointments by making a list of questions they want to ask the doctor
  • Keep notes of clients’ medical encounters
  • Communicate the content of medical encounters with family members
  • When clients are hospitalized, ensure their care plan is followed

Transitions of care refer to the movement of patients between health care settings and/or home as their condition and care needs change. Unfortunately these transition do not always go smoothly. Ineffective transition processes can lead to adverse events.

  • Confirm that information is effectively communicated in a timely fashion and that crucial care during the transition is provided
  • Facilitate the inclusion of the patient and/or caregivers in the transition care planning process to avoid conflicting instructions or confusing medication regimens
  • Review clients’ medical bill and insurance Explanation of Benefits for accuracy
  • Work with medical provider or insurance company to resolve any discrepancies
  • Appeal Denial of Payment when appropriate
  • Negotiate with medical providers for potential discounts

Senior Care Patient Advocacy

It is important to choose the right level of care. If not enough care is provided, outcomes could be negatively impacted, yet providing services that are not needed may deplete monetary resources.

I can review documents and conduct interviews to determine the appropriate level of post-acute care, including:

  • Long Term Acute Care Hospitals
  • Sub-acute/Transitional Care
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Independent Living
  • Residential Care Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Nursing Home
  • Hospice Care
  • List geographically appropriate facilities
  • Accompany clients to potential facilities for site visits
  • Ask the right questions to aid you in a placement decision

This will help give clients’ peace of mind knowing that appropriate care is being given. I will collaborate with the facility team to establish a base line care plan and regularly attend facility care plan conferences to ensure my client’s needs are being met and their rights are maintained. I can also conduct facility visits.

If your loved one lives in a different city or state, I can keep you informed acting as liaison between you and your loved one and/or their caregivers. In addition, I can also conduct visits and coordinate care as needed.

Adult siblings often find themselves at odds when a parent’s needs change. At times an unbiased facilitator is necessary to help resolve a family impasse. With my professional background in senior care, I can:

  • Help identify and clear up misunderstandings
  • Keep the family discussion on track
  • Help the family reach decisions regarding best care while preserving relationships

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